Lead Script 

Hello, this is _______from over a Global Data Technologies. Are you familiar with us? Have you heard about us before? That's okay, a lot of businesses have, and there are still many that haven’t. We’re the company that are authorized sellers of over 200 VoIP and internet services. Our representative_________ is going to be right in your area next ______and ______ and I was wondering if it would be okay if  ________ could drop by and drop off a card and just introduce who we are, would that be okay? Great! And let’s say ________ is fortunate enough to talk with just the right person who would that be? Okay, and I will send a quick email for just a little head-up on what we do, do you have a service email or something like that? Just a curiosity how many phones do you have there? Okay, would you happen to know who provides your internet service?

Gunnar Baker's General Email Form

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